Wednesday, November 4, 2015


DELPIT:  In my 2nd grade classroom, I could tell that the students are in check to learn, do home work and follow the basic rules unlike my 1st grade students who are quite young and not focused. 

Ms. Bliss is a polite, older, experienced and a very strict teach who gives her students simple instructions to be followed.  She thinks if all powers are taught in the right way, there would not be any silence dialogue. 

She knows power and authority comes a long a way in the teaching process in the classroom.

COLLIER:  I could see that teaching multilingual children is exciting but also, challenging in my 2nd grade classroom.  The teacher's primary language is English, but most often whiles helping with their readings, I hear the students communicating to each other in Spanish or a different language.  Since I do not understand what is being said, I normally smile and ask if one needs help but the reply is no Ms.  Am in Spanish class I still cannot figure what they saying.  Anyway, will try and catch up.

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