Monday, October 26, 2015

The Problem We All Live With
Brown v. Board Education

Educational achievement of poor black Hispanic public school students is sadly not considered by the political giants, according to Bob Herbert in his March 21, 2011 article in the New York Times.

Based on my thoughts about the two broadcast, I will say the expectations for student achievement are lower with lower parental involvement and unfortunately, these are the schools which has a great majority of Black and Hispanic students.  It is proven by evidence, that poor kids of minority backgrounds do better academically when they attend school with their more rich, middle class peers.  After the Brown versus Board of Education school desegregation ruling, the country is still trying to justify the separate by equal school concept.

An important study in Maryland showed that low income students who went to affluent elementary schools did far better than low income students in higher poverty schools in one country.  Studies have shown that it is not the race of students but rather the improved environment of schools with better teachers, fewer classroom disruptions, students more engaged academically and more parental involvements.

It is always about the uncomfortable issue of race.  What is most important is racial integration.  Chana  Joffe did not know the meaning of "white kid wasted".  Kiana also did not know of and a New Yorker in a city of four million white people, who never even had one white friend, she was curious about white kid.  She decided to go to college in Upstate New York on a one woman integration program.

Chana notes that there are only few places in the country that have seriously committed to school integration over a long time.

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