Sunday, November 29, 2015


By:  Ira Shor


Ira Shor quotes from Paulo Freire that, "To be a good liberating educator you need above all to have faith in human beings, You need to love, You must be convinced that the fundamental effort of education is to help with the liberation of people, never their domestication.  You must be convinced that when people reflect on the denomination they begin a first step in changing their relationship to the world".

This quote is very true and relevant to all teachers and educators.  A good educator must be a believer in whomever he or she is entrusted with.  As a matter of fact, an educator needs to love his job and his students.  Love, as I see it requires patience and devotion.  Also an educator must teach to free his or her students and never teach to domesticate them.

Ira Shor again quotes from Freire that, "This is a great discovery, education is politics".  Ira Shor goes on to say that, when a teacher discovers that he or she is a politician too, the teacher has to ask, what kind of politics am I doing in the classroom?  In favor of whom I am I being a teacher"  I believe Shor and Freire are right because as they say, the teacher works in favor of something and against something.  Due to this, he or she will have a great question, how to be consistent in his or her teaching practice with his or her political choice. Ira Shor says that a teacher cannot proclaim his or her liberating dream and, next be authoritarian in his or her relationship with the students.

Ira Shor explained that politics also resides in the discourse of the classroom, in the way teachers and students talk to each other, in the questions and statements from teachers about concepts being studies in the freedom students feel when questioning the curriculum, in the silences surrounding unorthodox questions and issues in traditional classrooms.

In this article, Ira Shor suggests that the entire school experience has political qualities and consequences.


  1. Tina you did a great job in discussing the politics that Shor talks about in the reading! Awesome blog!

  2. awesome blog, I took the main quote and used it in mine!